Top  5 essential beauty services for every Woman

Top  5 essential beauty services for every Woman

There is a whole gamut of services that any salons offer – from keratin treatment, skincare, nail and eyelash extensions; the beauty world has a lot to contribute to the women of the millennial. Confused on which is worth the splurge? Amidst these ever-blooming trends and preferences, here are the top five beauty services that are worth the hype and must-try for every woman. These are services that are basic and essential for the modern woman.  


Your hair requires a little more than shampoo and conditioning from time to time. The damages of the sun, pollution, stress cannot be reversed through just home products. Salon treatments including hair spa are necessary to revive the scalp and restore the lost moisture, strength, texture, shine, and health to the hair. Whatever be the hair type and condition, monthly hair spa is essential to keep the mane looking healthy and replenished. At Vurve, must try is the Kerastase Ritual for all types of hair.

Manicure and Pedicure 

Keeping the nails clean and neat is part of the routine. Manicure and pedicure services not just help in keeping the surface of the nails beautiful, but also ensure that the nail bed and cuticles are free of germs. Also, these monthly visits keep the nail length at check thus keeping the hands and legs look pretty all year around. They also form part of your overall, first impression ☺ This is a must-do service for working women especially as presentation matters in a work environment. 

At Vurve, we offer a whole range of nail and feet care. You can ask for a simple manicure, Gel Nail polish, Nail art, Nail Extension and now offering Eyelash extension. 


A facial is not a miracle. It requires dedication and commitment. Salon facials are not just luxury treatment for the skin, it has become a necessity given the stress your facial tissues go through due to the environment. Maintain a regular facial appointment at the salon to address the skin’s needs from dehydration, acne, oiliness, breakouts, and much more. Repair the damages of the sun and other pollutants through facials to keep the skin young and healthy. Salons mostly recommend a minimum of 6 sessions to see long-lasting results. Try out summer – radiant clean up by Skeyndor at Vurve Salon.

Nail art

Indulge in some pampering at the salon with the newest trend of the season — nail art. The ultimate choice to spruce up your regular nails, nail artists take into consideration your needs and expectations and work with the canvas that is your nails. Create a plethora of looks and wow your friends every time after a salon visit. From simple abstract nails to more detailed artwork, nail art can be a great way to accessorize your nails effortlessly. 

Foot reflexology/massage

All that dancing, shopping and adventure travel must be taxing your feet? Did you know – the most tired part of the body is our feet? Dragged along in heels, climbed those stairs and take the burden of those squats, our legs especially our feet deserve some ‘me’ time. Quality foot reflexology or a massage is not only a boon for the feet, but it also helps in relaxing the mind and calming our senses. Avail this service at a good salon to be guaranteed of professional service as foot reflexology requires prior knowledge on the different pressure points present under the feet. 


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