Skincare facial guide for men

Skincare facial guide for men

While it is no secret that women have a plethora of products out in the market that caters to every single skin issue or concern, it also sheds light on the lack of sufficient information regarding skin care for men.

When it comes to men, the skincare game is the same – excess oil secretion, acne, pigmentation, and fine lines, men often find themselves showing concerns over the same issues. Especially Indian men, who restrict their access to beauty or skincare products, usually end up using the wrong product for the wrong problem.

At Vurve Signature Salon, our clients, both women, and men often visit for regular skincare consultation and product recommendation puts together essential skincare tips and a regime that can be easily accommodated in their day-to-day life.

Acne prone skin

Acne is not gender based. It is a common problem that hundreds of thousands of men and women face across the globe. There could be several reasons for acne — hormonal imbalance, excess oil secretion, clogged pores, sweat. One of the ways to keep acne at bay is by balancing the pH level of the facial skin. The easiest way to cleanse the skin is through clean up skincare. Vurve offers clean up services that clear out the skin by removing dirt, product buildup, and help fight free radicals. Cleanups are one of the quickest ways to maintain the skin combined with regular cleanse at home.

Clean up starting price is Rs 2000

Product recommendation? – Skeyndor’s Daily Detox face wash

Sun-exposed / Tanned Skin

There is no doubt that sun exposure causes severe damages to the surface. From redness to tanning, the skin becomes a victim to such issues. For men who travel a lot in the sun, unprotected sun exposure can lead to skin pigmentation, early aging and dullness. It is vital to incorporate sunscreen into everyday skincare. With some products available in the market, it is easy to pick any of the products with SPF of minimum 30 that offers both UVA and UVB protection.

Detan starting price is Rs 700

Product recommendation- Skeyndor’s Energizing Anti-age serum

Dry skin

Unquenched skin, especially for men is a sign of improper maintenance. It is not enough to use soap, one must also include enough hydration into the skincare regime to avoid dry skin problem. Especially men who shave regularly, dry skin can become a cause for cuts and burns. To protect the skin from drying out, keep yourself well hydrated. As part of the skincare regime, include a moisturizer that gives the skin enough moisture without affecting the pH balance. If you are suffering from severely dehydrated skin, you can always consult with our skincare specialist at Vurve, for hydrating facials. These facials including the ones by Skeyndor are curated exclusively for men. Continue the home regime to stay ahead of any skin problems.

Hydrating Facial starting at Rs 2100

Product recommendation? – Skeyndor’s Shine control 24H aqua emulsion

Dull skin

Men skin is often exposed to the elements of nature thus leaving behind a residual of dirt and pollution. Owing to this increased sun damage, the skin can often look ‘dull’ and ‘lifeless’. While there are several products in the market that could temporarily boost life, it is advisable to go with a more permanent solution with facials. Vurve Signature Salon offers a variety of facials that help revive the skin and instantly brighten the face. Our signature whitening facials, combined with at-home product recommendations focus on bringing life to the parts affected by discoloration and with continuous visits, the problem can be eradicated.

Skin brightening facial – Rs. 2600

Product recommendation – Skeyndor’s Daily Detox face wash


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